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GUARANTEED Business Bank Account £49.99
The best value and business bank account for por credit on the net - GUARANTEED
.... and no spending hours, even days preparing lengthy business plans.
If you have a poor credit score or limited budget then this account is probably the most suited for your circumstances, we can help you get a business bank account for poor credit histories GUARANTEED. We know this is a big claim but with over 8 years experience and more than 4500 satisfied customer it’s a claim we can back up.

What Features are included:

Guaranteed Business Bank Account Option 3
Guaranteed Business Bank Account Info Option 1 Guaranteed Business Bank Account Apply Now Option 1
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  Guaranteed Business Bank Account Features Business Debit Card - pay customers over the phone, withdraw cash from ATM's, use in stores worldwide
  Guaranteed Business Bank Account Features Cheque Book Issued - yes some companies still use cheque books and if this is for you then books are issued free
  Guaranteed Business Bank Account Features Paying in Book Issued - many businesses still need to pay cash, cheques into their account
  Guaranteed Business Bank Account Features Internet Banking - Complete all your transactions online saving time and money
  Guaranteed Business Bank Account Features Telephone Banking - a unique pin number issued allows you to discuss all account matters without the need to visit a branch
  Guaranteed Business Bank Account Features Free Banking for a while - setting up their first business bank account for a business within its first 12 months of trading
  Guaranteed Business Bank Account Features No business Plan to Prepare - you could spend days writing a business plan not needed for you Barclays account

Why can you get me a Bank Account when I was Refused?

This question is asked by more customers than any other question, people simply cannot accept that other companies, agents etc can do something they have tried their damndest to do and failed. The answer is quite simple we apply for the account at a much higher level than you would; the banks we use are expecting our client applications to include elements of adverse credit.

...and of course like all financial institutions the Banks do not accept all types of adversities and have specified certain adverse credit circumstances that are unacceptable:

How Much are Your Fees in Total?
Our fees are just £49.99 fully inclusive that adds up to the best value you will pay on the internet GUARANTEED, and we don't stop there, in the unlikely event if we fail to get you a business bank account, we'll refund your fee in full.
Why is your fee for this account more than the option 2 account?
This is b ecause we apply for accounts at different levels, option 2 is applied for at a central level where a more personal involvment takes place, whereas our option 3 account is applied for at branch level where we have very limited involvement.
We have a varied selection of Company Formation Packages any of which you can add a poor credit account to.
top Guaranteed Business Bank Account Apply Now Option 1  
Credit not that bad then why not apply for our other option its fast tracked and comes with all the features you would expect for a top high street bank ...
Guaranteed Business Bank Account Option 4
If you are confused, don't know which is right for you simply call our team direct Nominee Director service Contact Us
Company Packages Compare
We have a large selection of prepared packages to choose from, select below for individual package features or click on the compare packages button to show at a glance what each package includes, note the business package includes a poor credit business bank account.
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