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Business Account Options (Uncluding poor credit history)
Option 1 - Business Account:



About Bank Charges

A business account with this bankcosts £55 to apply (refundable if they can't approve you for any reason) and a minimum £12.50 per month to run, plus transaction fees. Additional cards £5.

Transaction charges apply to the billing account as follows:

  • Electronic credit (not cash or cheques) = £0.30 each
    • Text confirmation of the credit = FREE
  • Cash and cheques = 0.75% of the value of the deposit made
    • Text confirmation of the credit = FREE
  • Debits
    • Same day Faster Payment via call centre = £10
    • Same day Faster Payment online = £7.50
    • Next day Faster Payment via call centre = £3.50
    • Next day Faster Payment online = £0.30
    • Standing orders = £0.30
      • Text confirmation of bills being paid/not paid = FREE
    • CHAPS payments & International payments = £30
  • Transaction charges apply to the cardonebanking Prepaid MasterCard® card as follows:
    • Purchases in UK shops and online = FREE
    • Purchases in foreign shops = purchase value + 2.75%
    • ATM UK cash withdrawals = £1.50
    • Foreign ATM cash withdrawals = £3.00 + 2.75% of the amount withdrawn
    • Other fees and ATM surcharges may apply, such as returned cheques that are attempted to be deposited or additional fees from ATM vendors. Please see the list below or our Terms and Conditions and further information about our costs.

Charges - FAQs

  • Is there a minimum contract period?
    • No this is a Pay As You Go business account. You can cancel your account at any time.
  • What happens if I do not have enough in my account to pay a standing order?
    • Then we don't pay it, but we do not charge you. In addition, if you are paying a standing order we will let you know 5 days before, should you not have enough money in the account to pay your bill. We will continue to try and pay the bill for 3 days to allow you time to put some more money in to cover it. If you are paying a bill by direct debit we will let you know by text on the day the direct debit is due and give you until 5pm to have the cleared funds in your account to cover your bill. Again if you cannot cover your bill we will not charge your for the bounced payment.
  • If I don't have any money in my account will you still charge me £12.50?
    • If you don't have any money in the account, we only accrue up to two months fees. We only take fees from available funds so the next time you use the account the fee will be paid automatically.
  • Can I get into any debt using this account?
    • No, there is no credit line connected to the account.
  • Why should I pay charges for a business account?
    • All banks charge you in some way, that's how they make a profit. We're not a bank but open and up-front about how we charge you. Some banks hide their fees in lengthy terms and conditions. You only find out the fees when they charge you for returning a payment or going overdrawn

List of Business Account Charges

1 Application £55
2 Minimum Monthly Charge £12.50
3 Additional Cards £5
4 Electronic credit £0.30
5 Cash credit (Minimum Charge £0.50) 0.75%
6 Cheque credit (Minimum Charge £0.50 per cheque)* 0.75%
7 Faster Payment Service via call centre £10
8 Faster Payment Service online £7.50
9 Next Day Faster Payment Service via call centre £3.50
10 Next Day Faster Payment Service online £0.30
11 Standing Order paid out £0.30
12 Rejected Standing Orders, Direct Debits £0
13 CHAPS £30
14 SMS balance enquiry (Additional operator charges may apply) £0.15
15 Statement copy up to 3 months £5
16 Card UK Point Of Sale £0
17 Card UK ATM £1.50
18 Card foreign Point Of Sale 2.75%
19 Card foreign ATM £3
20 Card reissue £3.95
21 PIN reissue £0
22 Collections/admin letter £5
23 Subject Access £10
24 Giro paying in book £10.00
Transfer from card to billing
£5 to £249 £5
£250 to £499 £8
£500 to £749 £13
£750 to £999 £20
£1000+ £30
25 Cheque credit returned £5
26 Counter cash £5
*The Bank may cap this charge, per deposit Limited By Guarantee top
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