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All our LBG Packages provide the essential documents.
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We have created 3 superb packages to suit your requirements and budget.

The Economy Pack is also the perfect solution for protecting the name for future use. If you are not ready to start trading immediately, you can register the company for only £14.99 keeping the name just for you.

Or if you are ready to start trading your LBG today, then select a that gives you that little bit extra, perhaps on that gives you the privacy of using our registered address, or our most popular package the Privacy Pack, called privacy because it give the Company a registered address, and a correspondence address for the director, allowing you to keep your personal address completely private.

Whichever package you decide to select, you can add some great optional features as you progress the order form; choice of which country to register in, add our registered office, apply for VAT registration, PAYE etc.

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If you are confused with any aspect of the registration or simply don't know which service is right for you call our team direct: Nominee Director service Contact Us
  What documents are included in my package
Company Formation Limited By Guarnatee Documents
Limited By Guarantee yes Memorandum of Association - lists the members or trustees of the Company
Limited By Guarantee yes Articles of Association or governing document - rules of the company including the Objects
Limited By Guarantee yes Incorporation Certificate - official certificate issued by Companies house
Limited By Guarantee yes List of Trustees - confirmation of trustees
Limited By Guarantee yes Unique Incorporation Document - list everything associated with the initial registration of the Company very important when the need arises to convey information about the Company structure.
Addititional Information    
  Important Points about registering a Guarantee Company
There is a huge amount of information concerning guarantee companies, charities etc. and without doubt we could fill many pages with important guides, however whilst we in no way wish to undermine such guides, in this section we have decided to concentrate on the basics, should you require further information please contact our admin team on the above number or email your query to services@companyformationstoday.co.uk. Limited By Guarantee top
Choosing a Company Name
It is important you select the most appropriate name to suit your Company needs, there are many sensitive words that either require permission for use or further data adding to the articles before they can be included in your name, such as "British, England, Association, Trust etc, click on the link below for a list of the most common sensitive names. Check here for sensitive names
Share capital / Shareholders
A guarantee company does not have a share capital, but has members or trustees who are guarantors instead of shareholders.
Limitation of liability takes the form of a guarantee from its members to pay a nominal sum in the event of the company being wound up while they are a member or within one year of their ceasing to be a member. The amount of money that is guaranteed can be as little as £1 and will be stated within the constitution of the company (the Articles of Association).
The Company’s Articles are the rules and regulations that govern the way the company operates, we provide “Model” articles which serve for most guarantee companies, however you can include your own articles there is no extra charge, our team will preview your “Bespoke” article just to ensure they comply with Companies House regulation. Should your Company require a specific Objects clause this can be uploaded free of charge, or if you prefer we we can send you some examples prior to your purchase. Limited By Guarantee top
Directors or Trustees
This can be confusing – There are many responsibilities associated with the position of director, however when registering your guarantee company there are two important aspects you must consider:
  1. If your intension is to register the company with the Charity Commission as a charity then the minimum required directors is 2, though for voting reasons it is recommended there are 3, it should be noted you can register your guarantee Company initially with one director, then at a later date add further directors, we are happy to complete this service for you FREE of charge.

  2. If your intensions are simply to run as a non profit organisation and not register as a charity then the requirement is only 1 director.
Can Anyone become a trustee
The simple answer is yes though we recommend you are selective about your appointments, should you decide to register as a charity then there are certain rules governing the qualification of trustees, for instance if the organisation intends to work with children then strict checks must be carried out by the police department. Remember Trustees are the people responsible for ensuring that a charity or community group has a clear strategy, that it remains true to its original vision, and that it complies with all necessary rules and legal obligations, therefore you not only do you need people who are trusted but someone who is committed and passionate about the intentions of your complete organisation. Limited By Guarantee top

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